Audio Director | Sound Design | Mixer | Audio Integration

Chase Combs is an Audio Lead and Sound Designer that specializes in audio content creation, implementation, and team management for interactive games.With ten years of experience, he has performed audio duties on over 20 titles, providing audio assets, implementation services, and surround mixes for in game cinematics, company logos, and promotional trailers.His work includes audio credits on the first four installments of the Guild Wars franchise, Halo 2, and Tom Clancy’s End War, along with serving as Audio Lead on Dark Void , the TEC Award Nominated Forza Motorsport 4, and Forza Motorsport 5.

Dark Void Audio Lead | Sound Designer

  • Cinematic Post Production and 5.1 mix
  • Weapon recording and design
  • Vehicle design
  • Alien vocalizations
  • Foley recording and editing
  • Physics collision system design and recording
  • Animation Tagging in Unreal Engine
  • Audio Integration in FMOD Designer